Hey friend!


I’m Ashleigh, the face behind the camera at Ashleigh’s Impressions Photography. And I’m so excited to get to know you!


I’m mostly known for being a huge literary fan, which means yes, I am a Harry Potter fan. And if I feel the need for you to take the Pottermore quiz, I will probably find a way of making you do it. It's my 3 am party trick. I love to know what house people belong to! (I’m a Slytherin, by the way!) Follow my personal Instagram page to see what I’m currently reading!


Besides books, I’m most passionate about empowering women. I love taking portraits of women of all ages to help them find their confidence to speak their truth. It’s why I also coach Senior High Basketball. I find it really rewarding to encourage young ladies to find their self confidence and to show them that they don’t have to be anybody else but themselves. It’s amazing to watch how someone can come out of their shell and be more self accepting if they know someone truly believes in them.


When I’m not busy working at my 9-5, running my business or on court, you can find me reading (surprise!), obsessed with a new show on Netflix or hiking! I absolutely love hiking and try to make a point to organize a ladies weekend to the mountain each summer. I love toting my camera along with me and capturing the images of our beautiful Canadian countryside.


I can’t wait to meet you over a cup of coffee and chat more about you,


Chat soon,


Ashleigh Dawson xoxo