Indian Graves Hike ~ Kananaskis, Alberta

It's been a few years since two of my childhood friends and I had gotten an opportunity to spend some quality time together. This winter we decided to make it happen and booked this weekend together. Let's just say it was long overdue.

Indian Graves Provincial Recreation Area is a quaint camping spot that's definitely off the beaten path. In order to find the start of the hiking trail, we ended up following the groundskeeper and his wife.

Of course I had so many questions about why this place was called 'Indian Graves Peak'. If you look at the peak in the photo above, you'll see there's a rocky ridge. This spot is rocky enough that predators cannot get to it. The tribes in this area would take their deceased to this ancient ceremonial site so that the predators could not get to them, however the birds could - and would set their soul free.

If someone out there knows more about this history of his area, or where someone could find out more, I would love it if they shared it with me!

The creek above ran right beside our campsite. Such a beautiful sound as we drifted off to sleep.

The base of the hiking trail took us through a thick grove of trees...

... and as you exited the trees, you came out to this stunning meadow filled with wildflowers. We felt like we were in a scene from 'the Sound of Music'! Absolutely stunning!

Look at this freaking view!!

As we walked to the foot of the hike, the groundskeeper had pointed out an old fenced in area. He told us that a long time ago, an indigenous man and his daughter had been shot. It came to be that Christians buried them, and erected a cross at the site - burying them as they knew how. He wasn't able to say how or when or why. But I felt drawn to the site and had to take a few photos. There are no head stones to mark their graves, only the cross and the fence around them. Ironic, as I wonder if those that buried them were aware of the sacred burial site just nearby.

Indian Graves also offers trails for riders, I loved the old way everything was fenced off.

A group photo of us in our awesome spontaneous Walmart buy ;)

I feel like the image below speaks to each of our personalities so well haha

Till next year's hiking trip friends <3

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