Sarah and Wes ~ a Cowboy Wedding ~ Coronation, AB

Wes and Sarah gathered their closest family and friends, rounded up their cowboy boots and had the best day ever!

At the rehearsal, there were happy tears shed by a few of the attendants. And more still at moments throughout their wedding day. Even as I edited these images I could feel the emotions of the day coming back to me. Some of my personal favourite memories were the gifts that Sarah and Wes exchanged, their first look, and how Wes reacted seeing his future bride walking down the aisle.

Sarah and Wes did absolutely fantastic during their formals. It took every once of willpower I had not to post every single one!

Scroll to see some of my absolute faves from the course of the day:

Sarah carried a little piece of her Grandpa with her so he was with her all day.

Can we just appreciate how stunning Sarah's ring is?

Wes wrote his bride a beautiful letter that included a special little gift.

Absolutely stunning.

Sarah also wrote Wes a lovely letter and had a gift sent to him.

Sarah and Wes chose to have a first look. His reaction to seeing her for the first time made my heart so full.

Morgan made the best flower girl haha!

Gosh, I had to fight to keep my own tears tucked safely away at this moment too.

This little one was just the cutest.

The boys were wanting to make sure their belt buckles made an appearance in the photos!

Ashton knows how to get the whole crowd laughing haha

I came back from shooting some photos of the buys and the girls were getting Sarah situated in the window. I'm so glad they did!