Sarah and Wes ~ Engaged ~ Provost, Alberta ~ Ashleigh's Impressions Photography

Sarah and Wes chose to have their engagement session on their farm near Provost. This place is pretty special! Wes is a fourth generation farmer, and this farm in particular has been in their family since 1905! What a special home to start their lives together in.

These two were so much fun, Wes had plowed out trails to the different spots they wanted their photos at on different areas of their farm. The last place we went to, we had to take a side by side to reach the spot. I can't tell you how much trekking through the fields made me miss the farm life, friends! This last spot also looked over the whole farm yard.

When I asked how Wes proposed, Sarah said that Wes had asked her to come check cows with her. Of course what would have been an ordinary task for them turned into something quite memorable.

Check out a few of my favourite images below!

Aren't their puppies freaking precious?!?

The pup on the left is expecting, she's gonna be such a good momma!

Can we talk about how much I believe Sarah could be a model?!?! Really!

This spot had a great view of the farm yard!

Sarah and Wes, I truly cannot wait for your wedding this summer!

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