Vanessa - Grad Session - Coronation, AB

I was so excited to shoot Vanessa's session! Her mom and I had planned a road trip to hit up some of Vanessa's favourite spots so she could have some images with her favourite things. I was also excited to shoot Vanessa's grad session as she is another one of the players on my basketball team. She has always been so kind and sweet and always willing to give a hand.

In fact, I remember one time hitting up one of the local restaurants after a tournament and suddenly Vanessa was up helping bus tables as the waitress was looking a little overwhelmed after an exceptional rush of customers. I could tell several more stories similar to this, but we'd be here all day.

Vanessa loves animals, as you'll see below, so this fall she heads to school to begin her journey towards becoming a Vet Tech. I'm so excited to see where this path leads her, but I hope she doesn't forget to stop in from time to time for a visit and a board game ;)

Best of luck in your future, Kuziw! Your coach's are cheering you on :)

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! This is, indeed, a cow looking through a window.

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