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I have been waiting excitedly for a whole year for this wedding to take place.

I remember Aimee wanted to come see me one night after she had gotten home from her holidays last summer with Jordan. She said that something had happened on their trip, and she showed me her ring and I remember squealing I was so happy for her! She asked right then and there if I could do her wedding photos and of course I agreed.

Aimee and Cody are cousins, so of course it was Cody that introduced me to her formally at a dance in Coronation. No sooner had she moved to town has she quickly become one of my best friends. Aimee has this presence about her that welcomes everyone right in, all of my family members who have met her instantly fell in love with her. My own parents consider her part of the family now, too.

I have known Jordan since I started school in Brownfield. He was a few grades ahead of me, and I didn't get a chance to know him better till I started getting to know Aimee more. Anyone can see from a mile away he's a diehard San Francisco Giant's fan(you can see that here). But more than that Jordan would also drop everything to help you in a pinch.

My heart was so happy this day to see two wonderful people promise themselves to each other, I am so proud of them, and I cannot wait to see what this life has in store for them.

I invite you to scroll down to see some of my favourite images from their wedding day.

It's all in the details...

I had so much fun hanging out with these girls all morning!

We had some sweet moments as Aimee's mom helped her get dressed...

Now get ready for some beautiful first looks.

Aimee chose to also have a first look with Jordan. We took these at Loraine Bridge, just a little further west of their ceremony site.

My heart!

Can we take a moment to talk about this ceremony site? This is literally in our communities back yard by Brownfield!

Seriously. Gor-geous!

I loved the way Pastor Fred conducted this service. In his words: 'You're not here to see me, you're here to see them!'

In addition to exchanging their rings, Jordan and Aimee did a brand! You'll see later that they used this for their guests to sign at the reception.

We took this opportunity to snap a few family photos.

From here we moved on to formals! Even during the ceremony you could see the dark clouds rolling in, so we had to work fast before the rain hit!

It was here the rain started so we headed back to the the Brownfield Hall for the reception!

Here, Randy and Shelley made Jordan 'Sheriff' of Brownfield

As Jordan and Aime were saying their thank you's, Jordan surprised us by saying a very sweet thank you to Aimee.

This awesome reaction is brought to you by Aimee's exceptional bull riding skills ;)

From here, I stole these two away for a few golden hour photos! And oooohhh man they didn't disappoint!

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