Gabriella - Grad Session - Big Knife Provincial Park

Oh man, where to start?

Gabriella and I met when I started coaching basketball. She was in grade 8 at the time. When her grade moved into High School, I was asked if I would want to move up with them. In total I've coached her for five years.

During that time I was able to get to know Gabriella, and we discovered that we have a lot of interests that we share. I still enjoy the opportunities we have to indulge in conversations about Harry Potter, updating our 'Need to Read' lists and current events. It was nice to have the longer truck ride to this location to catch up on things.

Speaking of location, I can't believe the amount of wildlife we saw on these trails! First we saw a beaver in the creek, and then I had to shoo a coyote off the hiking trail. Finally as I was watching to see if the coyote would follow us, a crash in the grass beside us would reveal a startled porcupine who nonchalantly picked a tree to start climbing.

I'm secretly glad we didn't come across anything bigger than the coyote :)

I just want to let you all know, Gabriella climbed all over these hoodoos in her heels. No incidents were had!

Did I mention on top of everything else she can do, Gabriella is a dancer!

Next basketball season isn't going to be the same without you Gabriella. However, I know as you move forward on this next adventure, you'll do well at anything you pursue.

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