Josie and Sabrina ~ Free Spirit ~ Alberta Photography

Josie and Sabrina were the winners of a Free Spirit Giveaway this past winter. We have had this weekend booked for a long while now, and we were very excited for it to finally happen!

We met at True Roots Salon and Day Spa where Aimee did their hair and makeup, and off we went on our road trip. The ladies knew they wanted to go down to the river valley, and after taking some photos on one of our local bridges, we set off at a slow pace stopping here and there whenever the landscape struck our fancy. Sometimes the best journeys don't have a specific destination in mind :)

Models: Josie Starosta and Sabrina Starosta

Hair and Makeup by Aimee of True Roots Salon

Tank Tops from John's Mens Wear

Plaid Tops from Garage

Photography by Ashleigh's Impressions Photography

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