Year in Review ~ 2016

Wow, once again another year flew by. As I reflect on the past year I have to admit, despite what social media has been saying about this year being the worst - I have to say that for me it was pretty awesome. I look back and I see how I've grown and achieved some goals that have been sitting on my list for a while.

To begin, March was a huge month for me as I hit my 25th birthday and that same day became engaged to my best friend. We've been dating over seven years now, and I'm excited to what this new chapter will bring us. We've decided to wait until 2018 to get married. This will be the year we start planning and prepping and deciding what to do. I'm a little overwhelmed at the tasks set before me, but I know I'm going to enjoy the process.

Throughout this excitement however, my family suffered a loss at the death of my Grandma. She was always such a strong woman, a hard worker and a very kind human being. The cancer must have been in her system for a while, but it was such a shock to myself and my family. We certainly weren't expecting something like this to happen so quickly. We had lost my Grandpa two years before to a heart attack. It gives me great comfort knowing that they're together again. But this reminds me how short life truly is. Admittedly these thoughts have been playing on my mind quite frequently now that this year has so quickly come to an end. I'm determined to make this coming year the best that I can possibly make it, and mark as many items off the bucket list as possible.

This year held a couple trips to the mountains. One of my dream photo shoots happened at Troll Falls. Follow the link there to check out that amazing photo shoot. I had this vision in my head for months of being in the mountains and having a waterfall in the background, and I need to give thanks to Aimee, Kayla and Lauren for supporting me and making this possible.

I was able to head to the mountains for a second time with two really good friends of mine. We were determined to hike up Sulphur Mountain. When we did we were so proud of ourselves and of each other. I remember feeling so accomplished. However we were very thankful for the gondola that would take us to the bottom of the hike so we could get to Starbucks as quickly as possible. If any of you know me, you know I like me coffee, and after that trek I needed it.

After a number of years trying to complete it, I finally finished my magazine! It's a Dream Shoot Planner that helps you plan your Free Spirit Session with us. It helps you tailer your session to suit your preferences and gives you an idea of what you can expect to happen on the day of your shoot! (Spoilers! There's always FOOD!)

Another goal of mine, which may seem small to others, was to read more. I used to be an avid reader when I was younger, but the busyness of 'adulting' had made that a bit harder to achieve. I had to be in the mood to read before I could pick up a book, now I try to make time in my evenings to try to at least read a page. And in some cases, I've finally been able finish reading some books that have been sitting on my 'Book List' for years.

I'm looking forward to what 2017 has to offer, I'm excited to nail out more of my goals and make them a reality.

I hope the person reading this has a very happy New Year. I hope that you're happy and healthy and surrounded by people who truly love and care for you. As I write this I've got my little puppy sitting on my lap, and my lab sitting quietly at the door. My fiancé is home, and I am happy :)

Chat soon,

Ashleigh xoxo

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