Free Spirit Session - Coronation, AB

There’s something about a Free Spirit Session that makes my heart feel lighter. A little freer. A little more inspired.

In my search for a model, I requested three things:

1. Enjoys taking the scenic route

2. Enjoys deep conversations

3. Doesn't mind getting her toes wet

When I finally met Kate I knew she was all of these things. Before we made it out of town we had already had discussions about feminism and politics. My inner feminist was fangirling pretty hard. It is my beliefs that drives me to continue doing boudoir, glamour and free spirit sessions.

I believe by helping women feel empowered, we are giving them the right to say Yes or No. I think too many women say ‘yes’ because they feel that’s what they’re supposed to do. I think it’s time to start saying no.

No, I will not be held down by societies outrageous belief that I am not beautiful because I am not what the media thinks I should look like.

No, I will not be held back because the career I want to enter is not a ‘woman’s job’.

No, I will not be viewed as a sexual object.

No, I am not here for your entertainment.

But let’s leave in a few ‘yes’s’.

Yes, I am human.

Yes, I am not perfect, I make mistakes because I am human.

But hell yes, I love myself. I love my body. I love my mind. I love what I am capable of. I love my life because it is what I choose it to be. I can learn from my mistakes and get better. With every step I take I can be much, much better.

Why do I think you should have a Boudoir or Free Spirit Session?

Because these sessions are the best way to learn to love yourself and your body. My clients always come away feeling inspired to do something big. This is so much more than just a photo shoot. This is going to change your outlook on a lot of things. Most importantly, your outlook on you.

So let’s make this about you, shall we?

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